Tuesday Photo Challenge – Hour!

I decided to watch the sunrise on this particular morning last year summer.  I was up earlier than usual just in time to behold a golden sun smiling into my eyes from my windows.


SL370561 (2)

*The Early Morning SUNRISE – 5. AM on June 21, 2016*



On this particular morning, the weather was foggy but it didn’t occur to me to capture it until 2 hours later, when the thoughts flashed through my mind to document the face of the weather. So I took this shot but the fog was already disappearing on this photo.  It was all shades of gray that very day.  In fact, I quickly uploaded the photo here on my blog as my weather report for the day. Haha.



*Taken on September 6, 2017, at 9.15 A.M. *



This next photo is a set of Lalandia summer houses located at Billund, Denmark. I spent a few days in one of those in August and this photo was taken on the 15th.



*Taken on August 15, 2017, around 8.pm*



This was a glimpse of the Aarhus Habour in Denmark. I took this photo and the next one same evening on August 3, 2017. I wanted to capture the hues in the water… As well as the sunset. I got quite some nice shots for that day. 🙂



*Taken August 3, 2017, about 9. 30 p. m.*



Finally, this last photo was captured on August  3, 2017, few minutes after taking the above pix. I spent some quality moment at the harbour just so I could witness the sundown and dusk… And here is the result of that night.



*Taken on August 3, 2017, about 10 P.M.*



My entry for this week’s Tuesday Photo Challenge:





Frank – Dutch Goes The Photo



Peace and Love!

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