The Daily Prompt – Focused!

This generation has shifted all their attention and focused it on the Social Media.

Almost everyone has beamed their lights across the world of Facebook. This is the new trend now. Facebook happens to be the center of attraction and the hub of most social activities and interactions.

It has become worrisome to find kids or the underaged, having Facebook accounts. This attachment or addiction to Facebook will most likely affect their performance in school. Therefore, I think that kids should try to focus more on their education and reduce their engagements on the Social Media to the barest minimum.

As a blogger, I try to discipline myself not to make Facebook my focal point. Though I blog daily on Facebook, I apply caution to my activities there. It is very easy to get carried away with irrelevant discussions and gossips stories that flood Facebook. And just recently, I opted out of some groups to optimise my time into more lucrative ventures.

If anything, more attention is needed on my WP Blog where I should be more focused.


Submitted for the daily prompt – Focused.


Peace and Love!

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4 thoughts on “The Daily Prompt – Focused!

  1. I agree with you regarding social media. Facebook is all encompassing these days-even I tend to check in there. However, I will say, that I find chatting with my WordPress friends a whole lot more satisfying. My words on FB seem to dissolve into a sea of one second’ers. What I mean by that, is people don’t seem to have the time or the inclination to even read them!
    On here however, I am with like minded individuals, who seem to be more motivated to read. Thanks for you post-I concur! Cheers, Nicole


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