The Daily Prompt – Crumb!

Stop watering at the mouth. Stop drooling. Stop salivating. Join the table. Seize a knife, gently cut through the crunchy bread I’ve set before us this afternoon. There are some bread-meat on the table, cheese, liver paste (Leverpøstej), tuna salad and much more. Eat and be merry. Life is already hard so don’t make it harder by starving yourself of food.

The job can wait a bit. Stop work now. It’s food time.  Haha.


Birthday pix from fb





“Yes, yes, yes, Friends, hope you will enjoy this platter of foodies this afternoon. What do you crave for? Cake or bread? Well, make a choice and slice a piece of cake if that’s what you prefer. Oh, very well, you can just have a crumb of bread too if that’s okay by you. 

Share a piece of the birthday cake with me. And I baked the other cake for my godson when he turned two years in August. 

After we are done eating, let’s not forget to check for crumbs underneath the table as we clean up.  And that’s the other part of hosting parties or dinners that I really don’t like very much.

The cleaning part is the hardest part of cooking. Isn’t it?


In response to the Daily Prompt – Crumb.

Peace and Love!

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