Summertime is Bae…

The last couple of days has been extremely very warm. Such cozy weather that all you’d want to do is to jump into the pool and relax in the water for that refreshing cooling effect. Staying indoors is like punishing oneself due to the excess heat.

Wow! It’s just so beautiful! The sun has been so wonderful and I wish it would remain so forever. But that is a mere wish, very far from reality. Summertime is such a sweet season no doubt. A season where everything shines and glitters. A season when you feel that extra bounce in you just because you feel good with the weather and that reflects in your mood.

Tell me, how can anyone not love summer? How can you not love the beauty that is found in this season? Tell me, what wouldn’t you love about summer? I have said it before – summer is my best season. Everything glows in the summertime. Everything becomes green and alive. The environment stands out with the greeneries.

Oh Dear Summer, still tarry with us for a while! But I understand if you must leave soon to give room for change… to give room for the next seasons, autumn and winter. And this signals the fact that nothing last forever and that change is ever constant. I know what we are experiencing now is the last rays of sunlight. The last days of warmth and the last days to enjoy all the colourful summer clothing’s we bought for the season.

For me, the mere thought of summer plants a smile on my face. What does summer mean to me? And what does it mean to you too?

Summer is a feeling of warmth on my ebony face. That is the time I want to go visiting – the time my wanderlust cravings are at its peak. Summer is a time for fun. Summer is sunlight streaming through the windows at the break of dawn. Summer is when I take a walk in the evenings without noticing how far the night has gone simply because nature is yet to extinguish the light from the sun. Summer is waking up feeling ecstatic because the day promises to be beautiful. Summer is lazy days spent visiting the malls and checking out stuff even without buying. Just mingling with the crowd, watching people as they move about town is enough bliss.

Summer is the cool breeze from the seaside, enjoying the peace and tranquil as the waves roar while I sit on the beach side sipping a cold drink. Summer is a stroll at the parks, staying afloat singing songs from my childhood days in my hometown. Summer is soaking myself in the glowing sunshine and adorning my colourful summer adornments looking fabulously beautiful.

Oh yes, summer is the taste of all things fresh, cold and quenching. It’s such a pleasure to demolish a bowl of ice-cream and some delicious fruits like the cherry berry fruits, grapes, or enjoying slices of pinkish water-melon – a pleasure that exceeds mere delight. One of the niceties of summertime that I truly enjoy is grill time. Grill time is always a fun time with friends and family gisting away, while eating assorted grill meat with sweet sauces.

Summer is the time I spend at the harbour, observing nature and watch as the day dusk, while waiting for the sky to play with twilight colours. It’s so incredible how I have become so fond of the sky, the cloud, the ocean and anything beautiful in between. It’s just so incredible!

And summer is a season, a fleeting moment in time that comes and goes… and thus, the end of summer has been sighted. The end of flip-flops and the bliss of outdoor activities because autumn and winter lurks around and would bellow on us to go into hiding soon.

Finally, summer invigorates life with the sun pouring its boundless energy upon us and all life around us. It is a time for growth, a time to be happy, a time for celebration.

And to you, what does summer mean to you?


Peace and Love!

Copyright © 2016 by Simpledimple.  All Rights Reserved.

6 thoughts on “Summertime is Bae…

  1. The way you mentioned summer seems really beautiful.. but as the climate vary from place to place in India specially in my hometown summer become extremely hot that it’s dangerous to step out during the day.. the season between the end of winter and arrival of summer “the spring” we call is pleasant which brighten the surrounding with color full flower

    Currently in Dubai also the season of summer is like walking in a furnace..

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  2. I totally agree with what you say about summer, which is back temporarily after a cool period. It is my favorite season too. I can exercise outside, admire my garden and everyone else’s, make fruit smoothies to cool off at the end of the day. I love the long days, when it’s still light out at 8:30 pm.

    However, here in the Midwest, with heat comes humidity, which makes it seem hotter. People and plants wilt in the heat. The good thing is that one can wait until after dinner to enjoy the outdoors, but many people dislike summer because of the combination of the heat and humidity.

    Most people I know prefer autumn. It is a beautiful season and the air is cool and crisp, but not yet cold. And springtime is much appreciated, as nature comes back to life after a long, cold and dark winter.

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    • Well said. I like Autumn too. I take both summer and Autumn as my fav. I’ve so enjoyed the day light in the summer that I wish it could stay forever. But like life, It’s a fleeting moment too. Thanks for your great feedback. Have a lovely weekend. 🙂


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