The Daily Prompt – Peculiar!

One interesting peculiarity about birthdays is that it comes with pleasant surprises, special prayers and some special gifts. It comes with some expectations as family members and loved ones usually spring up one or two surprises for the celebrant. 

Yesterday was a peculiar day. There was a peculiar spark in the air and I wore a peculiar demeanour that looked joyful on me. I was beaming with good cheer as I answered several phone calls from family, friends and loved ones. Intermittently, I took a peek at the outpouring of love from the messages and comments on my blog and Facebook accounts.  This made my day really amazing and fun-filled.

The food and drinks plus the sumptuous dessert were all peculiar and tasted superb. The whole atmosphere was quite special and eccentric. There was a lively ambience that brought laughter into the room as everyone present had a peculiar sense of humour, which added colour to the gathering.

The evening was eventful. There were peculiar conversations that spiced up the day.  The few guests invited for the cosy birthday dinner enjoyed themselves with the peculiar array of delectable foodies from the kitchen.

At the end, the ninth day of September 2017, was a peculiar one loaded with lots of fun, excitement and beautiful memories. I thoroughly enjoyed my special day. The soft music that wafted across the room conspired with nature and everyone to make it a memorable birthday celebration for me.


In response to the Daily Prompt – Peculiar.


Peace and Love!

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