The Daily Prompt – Anticipate!

I did not quite anticipate what the daily prompt will be like today. I didn’t anticipate we’d be asked to write on this very word.

But I like surprises sometimes. And I just don’t like to anticipate about what goes on in peoples mind. Or in your mind when you read my postings. I don’t anticipate what your reactions would be like when you visit my blog. Why should I bother? You are entitled to think what you like, but it will be nice if after processing your thoughts about any post or the contents I churn out daily, you give me a constructive and honest feedback. 

Yes, I do anticipate that my dear blogger friends will read my post, like, comment or reblog as they deem fit. I also anticipate that you make the post conversational by your interactions. It’s interesting when a post is engaging. Well, what I do not always anticipate is the generous remarks and compliments some of you pay me after reading a great post. But of course, who says that I don’t like such inspiring comments. I do. I really do. They stimulate my mind and make me want to write more and pen better write-ups.

Did I say that I don’t like to anticipate things? However, there are exceptions.

I anticipate life’s exciting adventures. I anticipate knowing how tomorrow will look like, what exactly is enshrouded in the future… or even the deepest mysteries that are yet to unfold.

Aha, I anticipate how my life will turn out and what this blogging will generate in time to come.

And in anticipation of your candid feedback, your constructive responses and healthy comments to this daily prompt, here’s saying a big thank you in advance. Cheers!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this rambling.


Submitted for the Daily Prompt – Anticipate.


Peace and Love!

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3 thoughts on “The Daily Prompt – Anticipate!

  1. That’s a great way to look at life, it appears you anticipate the great things to come rather than the negative. Feedback? OK so this post motivates me to think more positively about life in general and not concern myself with what others think of me (as long as I’m a nice person lol) Thanks for sharing 😀

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