The Daily Prompt – Inhabit.

Look at this house very well, it has served as a “funeral home “, since 1966 until April 2017. Thousands of dead bodies have been kept here before final journey.

But now, this building has been simply cleaned and rented out as apartments. The occupants are professional young men and women.


haunted house (3).jpg

I doubt if anyone knows the history of the building, but even at that, none of the occupants have sighted ghosts walking around. At least none has raised any alarm over such yet. Or mentioned that the building was haunted. 

Now, I have a question for us?
Would you move into this house used as a funeral home for dozens of years?.
Would you inhabit this house if you knew its history?
Or would you move out the minute you discover the history?

Personally, If I moved in without the faintest idea of what it was hitherto used for, I will certainly terminate my occupancy once the history is revealed.  I will not be comfortable to continue dwelling in it.
Lesson: Thus I would conclude that our greatest fear is not based on reality or what we see, rather on what we perceive, as well as our state of mind. 
Let’s hear your perspectives and reactions. Thank you.

In response to The Daily Prompt – Inhabit.



Peace and Love!

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18 thoughts on “The Daily Prompt – Inhabit.

  1. My answer would be No, I would not live in a former funeral home. I believe in Spirits and Haunting. I also believe in life after death plus sometimes the dead are unable for whatever reason to make the transition from the earthly world they knew and were familiar with to the next world. They are caught in a Limbo or vortex. Plus people who died by murder or accident might feel their mission or time here on earth was cut short and will inhabit houses, lands and museums.

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    • I share in these sentiments too. There is no way I will enjoy peace of mind if I lived in such a place. I know that spirits exist and would not want to take any chances to experiences. Thank you for sharing your perspectives. 🙂

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  2. If I have an idea of it, I won’t live there. Then if I have started living there and got to know of I will pack out.
    This is not all about fear or not. People perish because of lack of knowledge.
    Living there have spiritual implications. Wisdom is profitable in all things.
    God bless you.

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    • Thank you for sharing your reactions. I will also not be able to inhabit such a house. Somethings are beyond comprehension and life is a great mystery. I agree that Wisdom is profitable in all things.


  3. Depends on how it feels. I probably would be ok with living there. I’d assume ghosts, if there are any, haunt the places where they died, places that they loved, hang around people that they loved or hang around people who can see/hear them (not me, thankfully, knock on wood). A funeral home is unlikely to have those conditions since generally people don’t die or are killed there. Well, a mortician who had worked there might haunt it if if they had really loved their job or had lived and died in a home upstairs. Back in the day, people’s family often lived above the family’s business.

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    • Wow! Interesting. It’s really nice to know that you would take up such apartment regardless of it’s previous use. I think it has to do with our cultural and traditional beliefs and our mindsets. It’s not a choice I would consider. No. Thanks for sharing your views with us. 🙂


    • Haha @ being free of cockroaches… I applaud anyone who would still go ahead to live in the house even after knowing the history. Well, different strokes for different folks. Everyone has what they believe in and so long as they are happy with their choices, it is just okay. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. 🙂

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