Have You Helped Too Much For Too Long?

Do you allow your life to move on without you?
Do you just wake up and eat, and please others but yourself?
Do you allow your car to drive off and leave you behind?
Do you just exist while others are feeding fat on your sweat?
Do you try to please all your village/community and extended family members?
Is your home ever busy because people are coming to take from you always?
Is that your iPhone or Samsung phone ever buzzing because everyone needs help and must call you to give?
Are you overwhelmed and exhausted because of the enormous weight you carry as you try to please others?

Search yourself right now! Have you been digging a big hole in your income/resources because you are helping people?

You help, are helping and helping too much already that your personal goals and dreams are kept on hold?
Is your life moving on without you in the picture?

I think I know what you are saying as you read this… What is she talking about? This doesn’t make any sense to me.
Well, let’s get a clearer picture of what I’m saying here… Are you one of those people who give and give and give and give – to everyone and everybody? Are you the type that wouldn’t sleep because you are thinking of how to solve other people’s problems? You give until you exhaust yourself. You give until you almost drain the last pint of your blood just to put a smile on faces. You go out of your way to make others comfortable even to your own detriment?

And then, the YOU in YOU is neglected.
And then you forget YOURSELF.
And then your own personal goals suffer in the process.
And then you realise you’ve been living for other people since you were born

And now, all you have are memories of those you have helped. And the fact that they have all moved on with their lives without you in their picture.
You cherished them and you loved that you helped them. But they’ve all forged ahead. You expect to get an eternal appreciation on the long run, not for your goodness or for what you have done, but for what you are – The loving and caring you!

And the bad news about all these dramas is that you forgot about yourself in the process of helping others. You have helped and helped and forgot to help yourself get into shape first.
You squander your energy on others. And choose to forget yourself and now, just now, you realise that even yourself has given up on you because you neglected to feed it.

Enough! There comes a time when enough is enough. Let people say you are bad. Let them say you have changed. Let them say whatever they like. Don’t bother about them… Rather

Let every man wake up and hustle for themselves.
Let every man decide what they want to do with their lives
Don’t dissipate your energy too much on anyone.
Don’t live your life for others and forget yourself in the midst of all the drama of existence.

Be guided!

Know when you are being used by people because you appear too nice and too kind.
Know when to call a spade a spade and say an emphatic NO.
Retrace your misguided steps!

Peace and Love!

Copyright © 2017 by Simpledimple.  All Rights Reserved.


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