Sentimental? Oh Yes!

People are wired differently and they see life differently. I can’t say I am not a sentimental person. Yes, I am very emotional and that affects the way I reason and the way I see things sometimes.

I am a very conscious human being and pay attention to the slightest detail. I exude positive energy and notice when you are sad and hurting and I’m quick to offer my shoulders for you to cry on. But most importantly, I’d bring you out of that low moment. My presence is ever infectious, a contagious spirit I like to call it.

I like to turn ordinary moments into beautiful moments, just so to etch the sweetness of life into the memory. These days, I am attaching so many sentiments to the season and loving the fleeting beauty of its elegance.

What about you? Are you sentimental? Do you allow sentiments to rule your world?

Well, at some point I think we all do. Humans are sentimental. But we shouldn’t allow it to becloud our judgements.

And if perhaps you are not one of us, one of those people who are sentimental, that’s pretty much okay too.

You are sentimentally attached:

When emotions and sentiments play a major role than reality.

When you remember precious moments with old relationships and friendships and refuse to do away with such insane thoughts after they have moved on.

When you keep telling everyone that your mother’s food tastes better and that everyone else is a bad cook, huh!

When as a mother you still see him as the little boy of yesterday even after he was married. You still can’t let him be with his wife alone. Hmmn!

When all you do is surround yourself with their old photos when he/she left you broken hearted.

When you refuse to change your phone because it was a birthday present from a loved one. So you’ve had the phone for decades now.

When instead of looking ahead, you kept returning to the past. You kept seeing the past as a better period. Holding on to stale memories that should go into oblivion so you can move with the present.

You reflect about the dead and get too attached to their possessions. My mother left me this Swiss lace, Huh!

When you refuse to jettison old ideologies. And abhor change because you are still trapped in your grand parents’ theory.

When you indulge the child too much and refuse to be realistic.

When you read this and say to yourself – indeed, Stella must be really sentimental!

Really! Was I sentimental? Yes, I was, indeed.


PS: This is a repost from last year. I’ve been on a work project since yesterday until tomorrow so just breezed in here to make this post. Will come back shortly.

Thank you all.

Peace and Love!

Copyright © 2016 by Simpledimple.  All Rights Reserved.



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