Thinking About Yesterday’s Killings…

Today is Monday, August 7, 2017. I woke up this morning feeling sluggish and didn’t feel like leaving the bed. Or even go to work. Usually, I wake up with positive energy on Mondays because Mondays are like the breakfast of the week. If you start your day without breakfast, the rest of the day may not just align together.

So it is with the week. You can’t possibly start the week without Mondays. But this Monday is just so different. My body is just not ignited for the day. My energy is sapped and pressed down because I have been saddled with nauseating thoughts.

I didn’t have a good night rest. I slept with a heavy heart after much efforts to drift into sleep. Why? Because I was so disturbed by the tales emanating from Nigeria yesterday. The sad news of the gruesome killings in Ozubulu, Anambra State. The sad news of gunmen who unleashed terror at the congregation during a church service. This shattered me completely. I lost my sanity for a bit. I went numbed. It was a crushing moment for me when I first stumbled on the news on my Facebook newsfeed. The accompanying photos and videos on FB were equally disturbing.

Ahaaaaa! Ewo nuuuu! It has happened again, was all I could mutter. “Biko nu, ki bu zi kwa nke” I continued as I spoke some inaudible words I couldn’t even fathom.

Of course, it won’t be the first time such sad tales will make the headlines. And I really don’t think it will also be the last. There has been several killings and crises in high magnitudes but still, it doesn’t erode the fact that every fresh incident is heart-wrenching and a torment to my tear glands.

The fact remains that some people have mortgaged their souls to evil and their hearts are drenched in wickedness. Only an evil mind will think of terminating other people’s lives. But sadly, it’s become the norm in the world today. To kill, to maim, to destroy, to kidnap, to shoot – without mercy. Empathy has been thrown out of the window a long time ago.

Hmmn, Humanity and violence. How did we embrace Terror, Killings, Bombings, Shootings… All these evil mechanisms adopted to snuff the life out of people is quite puzzling. And a perplexing complex jigsaw at that. I still cannot understand why people have no compassion in their hearts anymore. Why someone will plan and execute such a hideous crime. Why a set of people will decide to terminate lives and even so, during a church service. Why unleashing wickedness to others make some people fulfilled and happy. How has pulling the trigger become a great job or a hobby to any human with a conscience?

Who did this to mankind? What made us embrace such unwholesome way of existence? What has come upon humanity? Obviously, we have lost all senses of compassion and empathy. Life meant nothing to a set of barbaric people, the reason they can conceive such treacherous and reprehensible acts. Where is our conscience biko nu? Where is the love for our neighbours which was preached to us? Where is kindness? Do we even love ourselves?

All these values are indeed non-existent anymore in humanity. Rather, they’ve been displaced with a set of ruthless values – Greed, lust, resentments, bitterness, hatred, envy, jealousy, the get rich quick syndrome and a dozen of other distorting human cravings.

I’m utterly distressed at the spate of these horrible killings. It could happen anywhere and to anyone. It’s so sad that lives can be snuffed out without the slightest care by a set of heartless hoodlums parading the world as humans. It’s just so sad.

Yet, I will not close this post without tagging my usual complimentary closures – ‘cos that’s what we need for a saner society: So, I’d still sign off with this below words –


Peace and Love!

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16 thoughts on “Thinking About Yesterday’s Killings…

  1. I am trying to answer the same thing. Still, no progress. Whenever I try to ask what you asked, people are shutting me up, calling me an islamophobe when I am not even mentioning things like religion, race and class. I think we are growing more and more distant to the everyday violence, we are getting used of seeing dead bodies, but we get shocked when it happens in our vicinity. The legend says: Every time a bullet exits the chamber, a dollar falls in someone’s pocket. Stay strong.

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  2. My lovely Stella, I am dumfounded just like you and left in a state of numbed hurt when I see such things happening too. It doesn’t make sense to me how people – individual people can still get up, and walk on aiming to take others’ lives for whatever reason they can muster. It just doesn’t make sense. I am left with a mind-numbing headache, and a core-tearing heartache whenever I watch the news or hear of such tragedies. It just doesn’t make sense to me. It should not make sense to anyone. Peace and love should always be spread like you do ❤ Much love from me to you ❤

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  3. Sometimes the world disappoints me. All I can do in this strange place is try to be the best of it. I hope you wake up tomorrow filled with love. I hope you cry at beautiful things and laugh until your stomach hurts. I hope that when someone is cruel or hateful you find the strength to smile at them. I hope you find the strength to keep going even if they don’t smile back 🙂

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  4. Spread love, and love only. How can this truth be so foreign to some? How is it that such unspeakable tragedies still occur? Respect and empathy for all is at my core – I was lucky to be a sapling in a fertile bed of nurture in my youth. And I’ve surrounded myself with people over the years to whom this violence is incomprehensible. So I simply cannot understand it.
    I feel your pain. I hope our collective thoughts can somehow diminish the hatred in the world. Much love my friend!

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  5. I feel guilty clicking “like” but it is my only option for a reaction. And I did have a reaction to what you wrote and wanted you to know that. I have no words as anything I can say in support comes out pithy.


  6. I feel your pain, and also was saddened by the news. Some of us choose to ignore and look the other way, turn, off the news, close the papers and crawl into their own worlds. That was a youthful me, numbed incapable of believing such horrors exist. The mythical boogeyman does not exist in just fiction but in real life. There’s not much we can do so far away, but honor and pray for those lost souls.

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  7. There are schools of thought that believe in the waxing and waning of all things, as shown by the spinning tai chi symbol, where yin eventually transforms to yang, then the cycle begins again. Some cycles take an hour, some a week, some a year, some a decade. I feel this cycle you are describing is still on its wax. I pray for it to end soon, as the misery and sickness it causes humanity and the rest of the planet is impossible to ignore. So sorry your usual happy breakfast for the week was spoiled.


    • Oh Jake, sadly half of the chaotic incidents happening in various parts of the world are not covered adequately by the press. It’s a pity. Thanks so much for being so considerate. Blessings. 🙂


  8. Sad that there has to be such killing and evil in the world. But your iopening statement made me smile, :Moonday is the breakfast of the week.” Grace and peace, and hope your breakfast next week is more enjoyable.


  9. Sad news indeed. I am sure in any given week there is tragedy like this somewhere in the world.. the trick is to not let them win. Keep going, keep smiling, keep spreading peace and love. (((HUGS)))


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