Archive | August 5, 2017

Weekend Giggles…

Hold On…
Hold on to life ‘cos it’s beautiful
Hold on to God ‘cos you need His mercies
Hold on to your faith ‘cos they restore hope again
Hold on to the good things of life ‘cos they bring a smile
Hold on to your goals ‘cos it’s your gain
Hold on to one another ‘cos we need each other to survive
Hold on to your values and virtues ‘cos they are who you truly are
Hold on to your dream ‘cos dreams do come true
Hold on to your family ‘cos family is everything
Hold on to love ‘cos it’s such a sweet feeling
Hold on to your confidence ‘cos you need it to excel
Hold on to YOU ‘cos you are so very special
Hold on to me ‘cos I might just be that true friend you need
Hold on to today ‘cos that’s all you’ve been promised
Let’s keep holding on to life and never give up



Peace and Love!

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