A Letter To Self…

Dear Self,

Good Morning! As you wake up today, hazy and disoriented, there are a few things I’d like us to talk about. But first, go get a cup of tea as you squint at the sunlight. So, you’d gradually become aware of yourself. I want you to come to the reality of this frank talk we’d hold in a bit.

Okay. How do you feel today? “I feel good and I’m settling into the day despite the fact that the cloud is all grey and the sky is teary”. Well, you have no choice but to feel good inspite of glaring challenges and the mad drama unfolding everywhere in the world.


Today, I want you to know that I owe you an apology! Don’t look surprised! I’ve always wanted to tell you this truth a long time ago, but I have kept myself so busy with other distractions. Now, I look at you in the mirror and I know you needed to hear this. I am sorry if you ever felt neglected by me. I never meant to relegate you to the background while staying busy for other people. I never meant to forget about you or your needs or even your PURPOSE in life.
Remember that I loved you. Just that I never showed it enough. Well, in case you are not sure, I reiterate it now that I LOVE YOU. So get it ingrained in your head. You are me and I love me. Good.

You know that you and I are best of friends. We spend our times together in good and bad seasons. You are the one that I turn to in my darkest hours. You are the one that I lean on during solitary moments. I admire your warm cadence, your brilliant and intelligent carriage. Your positive aptitude is magnetic and everyone who knows you is infected by that charm. Your care and concern for others success reflect in your lifestyle. Most especially, I admire you for your ability to stand firm and resilient inspite of daunting challenges.

Aawww… Dear self, don’t worry, inugo! I promise to always be there for you henceforth. I exist because of you. And I’m happy that you have realised that fact today. For all my past mistakes, I have no regrets about them. They were lessons which have prepared me for my present life. But I do have one though. And I have to tell you that today – SELF-LOVE.

Yes, I have regretted none of my mistakes except this one truth:
I should have told you that I am worthy a long time ago. I should have known that I am. And that I have a purpose to accomplish. My purpose. What was I thinking? Why did I think less of me when I am more than able…? Oh yes, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. I should tell myself more often how much I love myself because I do. But, I just didn’t show it enough. I spend so much time running around for others and never having the time for ME. When ‘me’ and my purpose, needs, should come first.

Yes, ME. I should take care of ME first before OTHERS.

The good news my Dear Self is that the tables are turning around now. The new reality is in the new discovery. Which is that no one else gives a hoot about ME. No one else will love me more than they love themselves no matter how much I touch their lives. Therefore, I am responsible for Me. On this note, I promise that there will be enough time for both of us henceforth. We will spend more time together and begin to live a better life of purpose. Pushing every other thing aside and embracing our PURPOSE in life. Focusing on us and enjoying our life. Spending our money for us. Interestingly, we have expended too much in financing others to progress. Now, let’s direct the finances towards us and begin this new romance of SELF. Let’s rediscover who we are and what we are meant to be. Let’s begin to spread our wings and fly like the eagle as we ought to.

Well, did you read this to this point? Were you wondering who the ME was? That was YOU. I’d like to ask you this question. What is your relationship with yourself? Have you been living your passion or purpose? Or you have busiest yourself impacting on others and leaving yourself empty? Have you been busy helping others realise their dreams? Have you been sleepless trying to solve other people’s need that you forget your own needs? Have you? There is nothing wrong in giving unto others – but not to your own detriment. Got the drift?

Is this post relatable? Does it resonate within you? What are you waiting for? Practice self-love! It’s the first rule to winning in life. Begin to pay attention to yourself, your needs and your purpose in life. Stop already with your attention towards others. They can fend for themselves. Put your life in order first, then you can extend a hand to others.

I wish you a truly happy day.

Peace and Love!

Copyright © 2017 by Simpledimple.  All Rights Reserved.

12 thoughts on “A Letter To Self…

    • I really love to hear these points. You got it right. It depends on where we all fall in here… There’s a piece for everyone to grab in retrospect. How have we lived/fared thus far? I must thank you very much for reading this long post and for your great feedback. Have a lovely day. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    • Aawww… Thanks so much. And I like that addition to the younger self because in retrospect, I wouldn’t do certain deeds… Now that I know better. I appreciate your feedback. Enjoy a wonderful day. 🙂


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