Good Morning Giggles…

So here we are! A new month has come upon us while we were sleeping and now morning has broken again. The year is racing very fast and we must pace along if we have to achieve anything meaningful this year. 

Are you already enjoying the harvest of the seed you sowed in January? Or you haven’t yet begun to work on those dreams? Perhaps, you are still not confident of starting that project, that blog, that book because you feel you are not good enough. Or you are scared that people will laugh at you, or mock your deficiencies…

Well, don’t let the things that people will say or people won’t stay stop you from doing the things that you know you should absolutely do.

Don’t let the negative voices of others stop you in your tracks. No. Resist the temptation of discarding your hopes, your passion, goals, due to how people will judge you. The truth is that people will still judge you anyway. So think about it and get hold of your life. Don’t short-change yourself and stay on the back burner.

Remember, you only live life once. And the truth is that you will never regret the things you did. Rather, you will only ever regret the things that you failed to do. This sounds familiar, right?

So come out of hiding. Be confident. Be bold. Go out there into the world and be an achiever. Be great somebody!

Go figure out this post and embrace this month of August with both hands without any further delay.

God bless your hustle as you begin to fulfil your lofty dreams.


Peace and Love!

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13 thoughts on “Good Morning Giggles…

  1. Only after reading your post, it struck my mind that a new month has started and half of the year has already passed. Indeed it’s a good time to review the steps that one has taken to reach towards his/her goals ; or to find out the reasons for not taking those steps that lead towards the dreams that could have come true otherwise.

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    • Glad the post brought the awareness that August is here now. Your comment is an add up to the post. Well summed and rightly put too. Thank you. Wishing you a fruitful month and a great day. 🙂


    • Dear Manju, Your words are deep and mean a lot to me. Let me share this here – I have no choice than to wrap myself up with positive energy most of the time. It’s been a lifestyle but I didn’t realise it until I grew older and knew the meaning of the word “Lifestyle”. Growing up, I was always nudging friends, cousins, siblings’ et al, that in the face of challenges, I always ended my narratives with positive affirmations and assertions. That earned me the nick name “Energy Booster” by friends, lol. I was unaware of that part of my life until when I got to Europe and the whole picture became clearer. I found myself boosting up morale of fellow students who I was privileged to interact with. They began to come to me for advice, and to share their life experiences with me. They said my words are calming and soothing and that I always find time to listen to them. Hmmn, I became privy to many personal stories… And glad I could help some of them see life differently and to embrace life positively. Some were depressed but once they come, we all ended up with bouts of laughter with positive energy. (Your comment brought this ‘little secret’ to the fore. Thank you very much. Deeply appreciated. 🙂

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      • Connecting with you here has been very rewarding. I’m gleaning knowledge from your creative skills and that’s the whole essence of this platform. We are all helping one another, in our unique ways to reach the pinnacle of our passions. My warm regards. 🙂

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