The Daily Prompt – Substandard

It is very depressing to think about the kind of life people are exposed to in some underdeveloped and even developing nations of the world. The provision of a standard means of livelihood by the government of these countries is only a mirage.

The poor living conditions stunt growth and progress in these affected places.  The quality of life is compromised in these societies because they are plagued with substandard living conditions. What you find in these societies are dilapidated infrastructures, poor educational facilities, poor housing units, poor healthcare systems and living conditions is generally below the poverty level.

How does one expect progress when people live in abominable conditions? How can children excel and thrive in a society with substandard social/educational amenities that is if there are any at all? All these are distinctively unfavourable to the general psyche of any human being.

Sadly, the understated side-effects of this is a sabotage to life. Tragedies happen in a flash in these societies. And people feel lost in a world where hope is hopeless for a better living standard. What next? They get addicted to the trauma while craving for ways to extricate themselves from such mire.


Submitted for the Daily Prompt Substandard

Peace and Love!

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4 thoughts on “The Daily Prompt – Substandard

  1. I agree: in a so called civilised world feeding the uncountable hungry, healing the uncountable war torn, is a “liberalists” dream: but doubt it will be forthcoming from the mega-wealthy who could end war and world poverty if they so desired. Funny how the rich countries are actually the resource poor ones: and living in these societies we consent without our permission to atrocities: voiceless thousands unheard for 60 years now:

    Will love ever conquer all?

    No: God will

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