Dinner Is Served – Sushi Savvy!

The love for Sushi is fast spreading to every corner of the world as more and more people embrace the tasty delicacy. Sushi joints or restaurants are cited in major busy streets all over the place.

It has become the choicest food for some people who crave for sushi more than any other food. 















Dear Sushi lovers, today I bring you some photos of sushi that you may already be conversant with. I don’t eat sushi but I love the beautiful sights I see anytime I follow friends to sushi joints.  I tried it once though but I really don’t crave for it.

It’s healthy and delicious. So, today, a friend wanted to eat Sushi so desperately and we went to a Sushi restaurant.

While she was placing her orders, I busied myself with my camera clicking away at the lovely sights of sushi before me.

Are you a sushi lover?  Bon Apettite. 


Peace and Love!

Copyright © 2017 by Simpledimple.  All Rights Reserved.


26 thoughts on “Dinner Is Served – Sushi Savvy!

    • Thank you. I am trying to understand your comment. I guess you should exercise some patience in blogging. It’s not an easy process to get followers and likes. Just keep writing. The perks will come naturally. Will do a stop anyway. 🙂


  1. Hello happy one! Thanks for the visual extravaganza, there are indeed variations from country to country that I can see. I come from a sushi mad town, and started tentatively some 20 years ago. Now it’s an addiction of freshness!

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    • Hehehe. You are right. What you see here is not the ultimate sushi savvy outlet if that’s what you mean. There are different outlets with variations and style… Just like with other food vendors. But this post is a peep into sushi as I captured it today. Savour the freshness in Sushi ‘cos it’s a healthy lifestyle. 🙂 Have a super week and e-hugs for the day. Xx

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  2. I’m one of those people who can eat sushi for all three of my meals 😋 And now your photos are making me crave them again when I just had breakfast 😭

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