Now That The Kids Are Home…

Dear Parents, How are you fairing this vacation period with the children? I know it’s always an amazing time to experience quality family moments.

But on the flip side, how is it really going with you? What’s the different experience now that they spend more time at home? Interesting! Exhaustive! Stressful! More talk, disorderliness, screams and shouts! Oh, quite hectic, I believe. 




I stumbled on this pix/meme and I find it both hilarious and a reality in most homes. So what are your thoughts?

Kindly share your reactions, your perspectives, your experiences as a parent when the kids are home for holidays. Thank you.

Peace and Love!

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7 thoughts on “Now That The Kids Are Home…

  1. My kids have both finished school this year so though they are home, they are ok. One is waiting for news about her college admissions – so she’s tense about that- so I am tense too.


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