The Daily Prompt – Shallow!

What if I told you that I am unable to swim even if it was at the shallow end of the swimming pool? No not anymore.

The whole love and enthusiasm for swimming died off after I watched someone die in the pool. It happened some years ago at a hotel pool. The young man jumped into the swimming pool headlong and hit his head. Oh, Lawd! It was a sad day and that ugly incident sapped all my energy and passion for swimming.

Nonetheless, I love the art. I enjoy watching people as they claw and stroke the waters. Now, I get my swimming satisfaction just watching swimming competitions. I enjoy how swimmers cruise along the lanes on top speed aiming for the competition medals. You know those swimmers that possess great skills and move with robotic precision as they stroke and stroke until they get to the finished line. Yeah, those ones dazzle me with their fluidity in the waters.

Swimming is therapeutic I agree, but I am yet to muster enough courage to jump into the pool again, not even to get into the shallow surfaces.


Submitted for the Daily Prompt Shallow.

Peace and Love!

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20 thoughts on “The Daily Prompt – Shallow!

    • Yeah. It was so traumatic for a while. Yet, swimming is just a great art. I love it but better watching from a distance. Maybe, someday, I’ll jump into the pool again. Just maybe. Have a wonderful weekend. Xo


  1. My dad never learned how to swim and the odd thing was that he had webbed toes. When he was young his father told him that everyone must learn how to swim, so he tossed my dad into the ocean. My dad made it back to the shoreline, but he never wanted to swim again.

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    • Oh lawd. It must have been an unpalatable experience for him. I can imagine. And sometimes once the mind is made up, nothing can change it. No matter the pressure. It’s been my case. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Deeply appreciated. 🙂


    • Aawww…I really love reading these inspiring words from you. Faith and casting fear away will be the weapon of warfare to rise above the ugly sentiments. God help me and everyone else. Thank you so much. Blessings. 🙂

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  2. A passionate swimmer, I can understand the unwillingness to go into water again as something similar had happened with me but thankfully I wasn’t there to witness it… Have a blessed weekend😊

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