Weekly Photo Challenge – Satisfaction!

This week, we are asked to share a photo of something that brings us satisfaction. It can be monumental, minor, or something in between.

Many things satisfy me in life. I get satisfaction from foodies and fruits. I love taking a walk in the evenings. I love sipping my warm cup of tea anytime I hunger for it. I derive enormous satisfaction just watching the skyscapes especially sunrises and sunsets.



However, I love this season. Summertime gives me a special kind of glow because I just love the beauty that spreads out in nature. And I feel very satisfied knowing that I can go out with my flip flops and thin colourful clothing.



I enjoy going to town with my camera in hand just to click away at anything that piques my interest. I love people watching. 



I love to lounge in the open space and seep in the glow of the sun, as I feed my eyes to the razzmatazz in the colourful environment.


I enjoy the sights and sounds of summer as people appear more relaxed and more friendly.  The outdoors sure looks radiant with the greenery and it’s all picturesque.


All these and more give me satisfaction at the end of the day.


And I return home grinning and smiling big with the photos I have captured for the day.


Submitted for the Weekly Photo Challenge – Satisfaction.

Peace and Love!

Copyright © 2017 by Simpledimple.  All Rights Reserved.

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