The Daily Prompt – Traditional.

In most Nigerian cultures, traditional marriages are held before two consenting adults begin their journey of matrimony. This is usually an arrangement between two families after the two individuals involved, the man and the woman declare their intentions to get married usually after a period of courtship.

What is this traditional marriage rite? The man or groom usually pay the dowry or bride-price to the bride’s family. Thus he is officially and formally recognised as the husband of the bride and the head of his family. Both families mutually agree upon the date for this traditional marriage ceremony, which is always very elaborate and celebrated with much fanfare and merriment. However, I will save us the long details of this ceremony.

Modupe for trad post

*A Typical traditional outfit adorned by the Bride*


It is the custom and tradition in Nigeria that the traditional marriages are performed before the white or church weddings according to the traditional beliefs of the tribe. As you may know, Nigeria is a multicultural society and each tribe has their distinct and peculiar traditional marriage rites.

On the day of the ceremony, the groom’s family present different items to the bride’s family as part of the culture. These items vary depending on how rich or wealthy the groom is. The items to present are agreed upon in the series of meetings held by both families before the D-day.

Modupe for traditional post

Such items include but are not limited to the followings:

Different kinds of liquor (drinks), food items like yams, bags of rice and plantain. Articles of clothing such as Lace fabrics, African prints, Aso-Oke etc. Shoes and Pieces of jewellery.  Other items are presented too but this is based according to the established customs of that tribe.

One basic item that must be presented in the Igbo traditional marriage is the Kola-nuts and Kegs of Palm-wine. These two items are very significant as they are quite symbolic as a key item for the ceremony.

For the purpose of this prompt, the above photos show an Igbo bride dressed in a typical traditional marriage outfit. (styles of dressing differ according to the bride’s taste and influence). This occasion is always a fun-filled event and prayers are said for the bride and groom.


A big thank you to my beautiful model – Modupe Blessing (Owner of Mobecca Touch Fashions) in Lagos, Nigeria. 🙂


Submitted for the Daily Prompt Traditional

Peace and Love!

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15 thoughts on “The Daily Prompt – Traditional.

      • I guess that if one does not have enough to pay a dowry that satisfy the Bride’s family then there won’t be a wedding…..
        Just a thought if a Husband paid a dowry then it is considered that his wife belongs to him; would she be free to leave the marriage if they don’t get along

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      • Usually, the traditional marriage comes after a period of courtship. During this time, both the man and the woman save towards their wedding. It’s true that the Man hands over the dowry to the girl’s father or family, but both would have shared the cost for the entertainment of guests. If a man is financially sound, of course, he would want to to take the whole bill for that day. Very well, the wife can leave the marriage anytime, divorce, and the dowry is returned to the man’s family. But the world is changing fast now and both men and women are becoming high achievers so these marriages are becoming more sophisticated too. 🙂


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