20 thoughts on “Photo Of The Day!

      • It’s such a small world. I intentionally kept that away in the post… But how wrong… Someone knew the place already. Haha. Good to hear you enjoyed your visit. So where are you?

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      • It is a very small world 🙂 I hope I did not let a secret out that you did not want to be out… Do you live in Aarhus then? Or were you just visiting as well? (if it is a secret you can just skip and ignore my questions ^^) I live in France, in a small town called Thonon Les Bains, and I teach in Annemasse, which is very close to Geneva, Switzerland.

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      • No, you didn’t let any secret out. Most of my blogger friends already know I take pride in churning out photos about Denmark. I have a Danish blogger here, who always let the secret of my photos out if I fail to do so. And I enjoy that as he seems to get it right all the time. Lol. I was just curious if you were a Dane… I studied in Aarhus but live in CPH now. France is a great country. I loved the city of Paris and had a great vacation there 4 years ago. 🙂

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      • Denmark felt so peaceful when I was there, and the sights are magnificent ❤ Most of all, I will remember the friends I made, so lovely and welcoming. I had a wonderful time there. It was a work related trip that lasted a week in October 2016. I had the best of time discovering the Danish education system and exchanging with Danish teachers to improve our ways. I have never been to Copenhagen. It is on my list though 🙂 Yes, France is a gorgeous country, rich of so many different facets. It is wonderful to explore. The place where I live feels like a bit of a haven. It was love at first sight, when I was sent to work in the area and it felt like a natural decision to move here.

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      • Aawww. You’ve so described three countries in the most amazing way. So alluring that everyone who hears you will want to take a trip to these exotic places you’ve so pictured beautifully. And I can attest to these submissions. These are great places to explore. Glad to hear you have good memories of Denmark. I think it’s one peaceful environment to experience without entertaining any fears. You touch the soul in your writings. I look forward to reading more of your blogposts. Do have an amazing day. Cheers. 🙂

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      • Thank you 🙂 I am glad you concur. Denmark is a place I look forward to visiting again ❤ It does feel safe and relaxing in the most soothing way. I look forward to reading you too. Have a fantastic day too, Stella!

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