Thank God It’s Friday…

Every now and then it’s good to pause, look back and see where we’ve been so we can fully appreciate the journey and how far we’ve come. But more importantly, it’s good to focus on now, enjoying each and every day and looking towards the future. Creating more happy memories and learning more life lessons because the road is sometimes bumpy too. 

In the spirit of happy memories, endeavour to create one this weekend with those who make you happy – family and loved ones and all those around you that make the world a beautiful place.

I know what I want to do this weekend. For today, after the usual day’s work. Thank God for summer glow, it will be time to enjoy nature. With my dear wonderful companions, my Camera and my phone, I’d take a walk to capture some summer scenes. Talk about summer and talk about beauty and radiance with just about everything. The people and the environment. Talk about summer and think about the colourful, sweet guilty pleasures. Hmmn. Taking a walk means enjoying the warm breeze and lovely sights. And, I love it so. It’s all about the passion. It’s about finding beauty in Nature and in everyday life.

And of course, I’d be spending some moments with you all too. Yes, I’d be connecting with you in this new crazy world of Social Media. I’ll be here on this platform to read your blog posts and keep the conversations flowing. So let’s do this together. You are very much welcome to join me in this walk. Haha! Sure it’s possible, Isn’t it?

Okay. Go out and bask in the pleasures of a new day. Create your happy memories too wherever you are and be good.

Wishing you all a good start to the weekend. Cheers everyone, let’s smile ‘cos it’s Friday. TGIF. 🙂 🙂 🙂


Peace and Love!

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