Tuesday Photo Challenge – Bugs!



Last year June, I had a hard time trying to capture this butterfly. When I eventually did, I didn’t think I liked the shots and almost deleted it. But glad I didn’t delete them ‘cos today it came handy for this Photo Challenge. 


Here is one photo that I really liked. Seeing so many bees on a flower and being able to get a good shot at them too. The Flower and the Bee has a fascinating symbiotic relationship between them. While flowers exploit insects to achieve pollination, insects exploit flowers for food. Wow!

insects 2

*The preying bees on the flower for nectar*


And today was a fun day with this bug. While still wondering how I would tackle this ‘bug’ theme since I didn’t have enough ‘bug’ photos… This insect (Is it a bee, fly or what…?) came with that buzzing sound towards me. I tried to chase it away but it was just a stubborn insect, so I remembered I had work to do on Frank’s photo challenge.

I quickly grabbed my phone and the chase began. I moved from one end of the room to the other trying to get photos as it flew around. Well, eventually I got some shots. I had a good laugh. Here are some photo shoots of this insect with different poses for my Samsung phone. Haha.  Just check out the pose below. May not be the best shots though. 🙂


My entry for this week’s Tuesday Photo Challenge:



Frank Of Dutch Goes The Photo.


Peace and Love!

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13 thoughts on “Tuesday Photo Challenge – Bugs!

    • Oh yes, it’s difficult to capture these insects because they are quite sensitive and very smart. I was just lucky that this one behaved nicely for the shoot, haha! It came just at the right time for me. 🙂

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