The Daily Prompt – Jangled.

The alarm was shrill and it jangled my nerves as it jolted me out of slumber. I was exhausted after the party that night and had slept off in my party dress. Perhaps, the two glasses of wine I took conspired and stimulated me into sleep. No sooner had I opened my door than I collapsed on the cosy couch in the small living room.

Now, I must scurry out of the room. The emergency alarm has just triggered off with a deafening sound. And it appears the building is threatened with a disaster. What could it be? I discarded the thought of another fire incident happening again. It was only two months ago fire razed one of the bedrooms on the 3rd floor. It was a sad experience for the poor student as his room was engulfed in fire due to a silly act of negligence. But for the intervention of the fire service, the fire would have spread to other parts of the building overlooking the University Staff quarters.

Submitted for the Daily Prompt – Jangled.


Peace and Love!

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