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Growing up in my beautiful hometown in Nigeria. I was surrounded by people anywhere I turned to. Besides my immediate family, I spent a great amount of time with friends and extended family members. It was the norm at that time to be one’s brother’s keeper. To look out for one another and share things in common. My siblings and I help each other in domestic chores amidst pranks and play.

Friendship also came with a great demand to help each other succeed in various ways. It was always a great delight to assist ourselves with tasks and errands. We rendered help in diverse ways. From escorting each other to the market, helping to cook meals, to house chores. We derive so much pleasure filing out in lines to fetch water from the public taps. We helped one another with even our home/school works. Night time was a fun time. We played hide and seek together in the moonlight until sleep beckons. That was some years ago!

I have heard people declare they want to be themselves because they detest any troubles in their lives. While others believe that it is better to tread alone than to get mixed up with bad people. Well, we all have our own ideas and opinions on these instances of finding connections.  However, one fact remains true. This attitude limits and shut out one from new trends or information.

I grew up to understand that we need others to help us as we sojourn on earth.  On this note, it is very beneficial and amazing to leave your comfort zone, step out and embrace others. The reward is invaluable and priceless.

Building connections in life are very necessary for growth. It increases your personal, social and business awareness. Connections create platforms and access to an appreciable network of friends and acquaintances across the globe. You cannot hide in your comfort zone if you wish and desire for growth in life. It does have an adverse effect because you shut out the windows of opportunities around you. You limit yourself and close new doors of business ventures, ideas and even new relationships that could put you on the roadmap of life.

As humans, we are social creatures and thrive through self-interest, mutual and communal exchange. We need other people to explore this world we live in better.  Your connections in life can transform you. You need to connect with people whether virtual or physical to maximise the opportunities open in nature.

Don’t just sit down and be your best companion. Embrace other people into your lives and watch how life blooms and blossoms before you. Get up. Take a fresh break at your hitherto alone world and dare to find friendship in others.

Begin from where you are right now. Begin from your locality. Begin from your office. Begin from your neighbourhood. Break the ice with a simple hello to someone you don’t know. Smile at the person sitting next to you on the train, in the bus, or even at the parking lot. Saying something as simple as hello to your neighbour, or Hi to the person next to you in the lift could spark off a conversation that might transform your whole life trajectory.

It starts with a simple courtesy, a warm smile, a question, or even a deep eye contact.  A brief conversation can open up more links, new networks and new ties of connectivity that would have resounding positive applauses in the future for your life.

Who do you mingle with?

Who do you hang out with?

Who do you have interactions with?

The company you keep can affect you in more positive ways than you can ever envisage. It could lead to a new discovery of hidden information that will catapult you to rare accomplishments. It could lead to you writing a new story of your life. I believe that the pluses and gains are more on the long run.

I am gradually breaking all the stereotypes around me, by becoming more daring and more open to new approaches, new culture, new friendships and new habits.  Now, I view the world and people around me differently. There are some connections I have built in my life that I remember today. These connections have created platforms to the new network of global friends and families whom I have become fond of.

In my interactions, I have discovered that though we all are similar, we are very different in very peculiar ways and we all see life through different lenses.

Let us connect with each other and make life more rewarding.

PS: This post was first posted here in January 2016. 


Peace and Love!

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10 thoughts on “Building Connections!

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  2. Hi Stella,

    Great post and I must say Great title.
    We must build our connections .Only two things in life you can not change:
    – your parents
    -your origin.

    All other connections, we must build,we must protect, we must fight for.

    Thank you

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