The Daily Prompt – Tether!

The place was filled with people all dressed in casual summery colours. An amazing environment, hassle-free with a cool ambience. The weather was crisp and the blue and white building appeared unperturbed with a great view of the harbour. They were many yachts/boats tethered to the dock as a way to secure them in the marina. These yachts belong to most members of the boat club, who enjoy cruising in them during the summer months. Continue reading

Good Morning Giggles!

Let’s ponder on these words by Shannon and ask ourselves pertinent questions today. Do you wallow in self-pity as well as play the blame game? Check within you – Analyse yourself, only you have the right answers to these questions. Cheers! Continue reading

Building Connections!



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Growing up in my beautiful hometown in Nigeria. I was surrounded by people anywhere I turned to. Besides my immediate family, I spent a great amount of time with friends and extended family members. It was the norm at that time to be one’s brother’s keeper. To look out for one another and share things in common. My siblings and I help each other in domestic chores amidst pranks and play. Continue reading