Tuesday Photo Challenge – History!

This is the history of a people. The culture of a people and the tradition of my people which is passed from generations to generations.

In Nigeria, the kola-nut is a prominent feature in the daily lives of the people.  Nigeria is blessed with diverse people with diverse cultural heritage. The culture is as diverse as the climatic and weather conditions.

However, there is a gift of nature that is a unifying force amongst the people. What is this generous gift of nature you may ask?




This gift is called Kola-nut. The nut is grown in the Western and Central parts of Africa. It is the kola-nuts seed. Journeying from the eastern part of the country through the north to the southern and western parts, one unforgettable experience that a visitor takes away with him is the tradition of kola nut presentation. It is the norm and custom to offer kola-nut to a visitor. Therefore, this nut is always available in most homes.

Kola nut is so important in the social, religious and cultural life of the people. It is said that at some point during pre-independence Nigeria, the nation’s founding fathers looked for a common symbol acceptable to all Nigerians,  a symbol that would serve as a national icon on the country’s coat of arms, and the consensus was The Kola-nut.


Kola nut


The kola nut is slightly bitter in taste but crisp and crunchy. It contains caffeine and is used as a flavouring ingredient and a great source of caffeine in cola and other similar flavoured beverages.

During important occasions or ceremonies that involve the presentation of Kola nuts, the elder amongst the people gathered together usually breaks the kola-nuts with some invocations.


kola nut 2

The Kola nut is so important in the life of Nigerians to the extent that the poetry of kola nut breaks the day for typical homes on ceremonial occasions such as birth, marriages, funerals, or during the settlement of a dispute.



My entry for this week’s Tuesday Photo Challenge:



Frank of Dutch Goes The Photo.

Peace and Love!

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21 thoughts on “Tuesday Photo Challenge – History!

  1. This brought back so many beautiful memories. I love kola nuts. In my place it is a sign of life and a symbol of unity. Thanks for sharing

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    • You’re welcome. I’m really happy to make this post. It reminds me of home and makes me feel like I haven’t missed much… I appreciate that you can relate and leave a comment too. Thanks. 🙂


    • Kakui Nut – Interesting! I will google it to know about it. Yeah, culture is very interesting and I love to learn new things. Migrating to Europe was a big challenge to me but now, I’m so used to everything here… The culture, the people, the food etc. It’s beautiful to see the cultural differences in my travels around. 🙂

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