Forgiving Friday – #3

The month of June finally came to an end today which means that we have spent 6 months already in the year 2017.  There are six more months before we declare 2017 an old year. But before then, before we step into the second half of the year, meditate on the past six months and ask yourself if you actually lived your dreams for the first six months of 2017.  Or were you living someone else’s life goals?

Well, the above is for us to ponder on. Now the crux of this post. Let’s make the remaining months better than the last. Let’s try to remove the clog from our paths so we can sail smoothly into the next months and accomplish so much more in our pursuits. I think we should do some cleaning once more. I think we should try to detox again.

And who says that to detox is only good for the body?

We need to reduce the clutter in our lives once in a while. Not just clothes or pairs of shoes, or old books and magazines, but anything that takes space in our lives. Take a good look at yourself and around your house and you will see the excess luggage that surrounds you.

Be honest! It’s time to remove not just belly fats, but also a time to move away from bad friends, bad moods, bad relationships, bad choices and bad habits. You know what you need in your life. You know those things that affect you negatively and plunge you into bad moods.

Discard those things that distract you. Those things that take away your peace. Those things that you know are not leading you anyway near your goals in life. Take a bold step and discard them just so you can focus and achieve more in these remaining months of 2017.

Submitted for Forgiving Fridays.  Forgiving Fridays.

This challenge is hosted by the amiable and lovely Debbie, the blogger behind Forgiving Connects.

Check out Debbie’s great blog.


Peace and Love!

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4 thoughts on “Forgiving Friday – #3

  1. Great Article! It gave me perception and motivation to move on from what holds me back and look forward. Like you said we have 6months left and I got to make sure I do my best to be say, I lived the life of my dreams. I did everything I needed to do to prosper and set myself of success. Thankyou for this 🙂

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  2. God, Stella, this post is so true. Thank you – you are reminding me of the great value of letting go of the past. Funny, I just read a quote from my spiritual teacher John-Roger about how some people see themselves as products of our past, and he prefers to see himself as perfectly aligned for his future.

    Beautiful post for Forgiving Fridays. Much love and peace to you, Stella. Happy fourth of July! Debbie


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