Good Morning Giggles!

There are people I call my mentors. Those whose works have helped me to redefine my purpose in life. One of those people that have motivated and inspired me greatly is Bishop TD Jakes. I found these words in my heart today and decided to share it with us. 

“We are only effective when we are authentic.
We have people who want promotion without process.
You will find greatness when you maximise smallness.
You are asking for more when you have not mastered less.
You master where you are and then you get promoted to where you are going.
In order to be good at anything, you have to focus.
What you invest into will give itself back to you in good measure.
Don’t starve your destiny with the attention that is needed to progress. Give time, focus. Until you can clap for the seedling you can never see the tree.
If you give attention to the responsibilities that you have been given, you will be promoted to the next level. Until you are responsible for where you are, stop asking for more responsibilities.
We are attracted to people who are masterful of what they do.
If you keep on working on what you are, what you shall be shall manifest.

Focus on what God has given you”

PS: Wow! Isn’t it wonderful to be reassured that nothing else matters than to focus on building our future? We just have to keep pursuing those dreams until they yield positive results.

Have a blissful and fruitful day.


Peace and Love!

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