Photo Of The Day!

We all know the great partnership that exists between Flowers and Insects. While flowers exploit insects to achieve pollination, insects exploit flowers for food. Wow! A symbiotic relationship I’d call it.



*Just see how beautiful this flower looks*





*The preying insect on the flower for nectar*


That was today’s Photo of the Day. 

Okay, it’s a Sunday. I wanted to let you know also that you and I have a wonderful relationship too… And I have to say thank you for being you and for all that you do.

Have a wonderful day!


Peace and Love!

Copyright © 2017 by Simpledimple.  All Rights Reserved.

4 thoughts on “Photo Of The Day!

  1. In this case, we could even say that your blog is a beautiful flower, blooming every morning, to let us bumble bees readers get our daily share of your ideas 😉

    Have a lovely Sunday evening 🙂 xx

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