The Daily Prompt – Illusion!

She gently applies the foundations

Dabbing the compact powder with the utmost care

The shapely curved eyebrows

The eyeliners and mascaras

The glittering eyeshadows

Make her eyes glow in the sunlight

And a beautiful spectacle in the dark night

Oh! She never forgets the concealer

The cherry red lipstick was her favourite

She wouldn’t dare outside with her naked face

No. She hid under the guise of heavy make-up

A palette that covers her ageing lines

Yes. She would rather believe in the illusion of youth

Then accept the reality of life

Her new confidence lies in her daily makeovers



Submitted for the Daily Prompt – Illusion.

Peace and Love!

Copyright © 2017 by Simpledimple.  All Rights Reserved.

12 thoughts on “The Daily Prompt – Illusion!

  1. I love this piece, really well writen… But I just have to add an anecdote it brought to my mind. Back in college, I had a friend who wore WAY too much make up. She literally painted her face on in the morning.

    One day we went go-karting. (I only had guy-friends back then, and she was one of the guys girlfriends) She was a little Princess in her ways, and ended up at the tail, the whole time. When we finished, she had a whole lot of little black spots on her face, probably because of all the dust and the smoke… It had stuck to her whole face. She was a sweetheart, but I totally burst into laughter when she tried to wipe the biggest off, only to end up with long black lines across her face…

    I just thought to myself “I might not be the prettiest at all times, but as least, I don’t have to care about that kind of things”…. LOL


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