Dinner is Served!



*Fried yam with omelette*




yam 2

*Spinach, onions, tomatoes, chilli*




yam 3

*The Omelette*




yam 4

*I love YAM*



Today’s dinner is fried yams with an omelette. I wrote in details about yam in previous posts. So, this needs no further introduction. It’s a simple recipe with Spinach, pepper, onions and tomatoes, eggs for the omelette.

However, you can serve your fried yam with your own special kind of omelette.

For earlier yam recipes that I shared here, click on the below links.

Boiled yam,  

Yam in Pepper Soup.

Yam and spinach sauce


Feel free to ask me any questions about the foodies in the comments.

Peace and Love!

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