Good Morning Giggles – Focus On Your Plate!

A very Good Morning to you all from this country that inhabits the happiest people in the world. Oh well, I didn’t fabricate this revelation. Ask Mr Google and you’d read about this tag on the Danish people. Yes, didn’t you know that Denmark is a beautiful place to be born? Haha, check out the facts yourself.

Okay, to the intent of this post now that you are here, giggling at the above compliments on Denmark.

I wanted to remind us that the year is half already and we needed to pause and consider our efforts thus far.

One quick reminder though – Are you focusing on your own plate?

Wonder what I mean, okay let’s read through this together very quickly…


The most attractive distraction is wanting something BECAUSE someone else has it and it looks good on them. When it isn’t what you actually want… So?

What do YOU want?
Why do you want it? 
Do you want it bad enough to commit to it?

A lot of us feel stagnant because we’ve hit the reset button too many times. Our energy is so scattered all over the place. We are not even sure what we do for a living anymore. Because we have our hands in too many pies.

This is June meaning that the second half of the year is here. 

Where are you focusing your energy? On other people’s successes or on your own road map? Look neither to the left nor to the right.

Keep your head straight ahead.  All In…

So ask yourself today – Have I been committing to several things/pursuits this first half?

Do I always see others getting ahead with what they do that I tend to deviate from my own core values and plans as I try what I see others do?

Now, understand that too many people may look successful on your left and at your right, but your own success would come only when you focus straight.


Focus… Focus… Focus… – That was my Keyword today.

And that will be all for this morning rants.

Peace and Love!

Copyright © 2017 by Simpledimple.  All Rights Reserved.



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