Morning Thoughts…!

So I woke up this beautiful Sunday Morning and was browsing Facebook. And my Newsfeed was abuzz with so many write-ups, Videos, Photos, Memes, Quotes, and various notifications. Both good and credible contents from my FB ‘friends’ and so many others… And all these I viewed differently.

And I just wondered. So here is my thought line…

FACEBOOK, I love it when I wake up to your exotic ways of reminding me of events and occasions. And notifying me of very important interactions that I’ve had in the past. It brings back fond memories of people and places. Digs up my old write-ups and forgotten ‘treasures’. Such reminders are a great help. 🙂

And my Dear Facebook friends and acquaintances, I can see you all. For those who are responsible, touching lives and people with their good contents and interactions, thank you. For others who just like to ‘play too much’ and display ugly contents, well, it’s your life. Do what makes you happy.

And I turned off notifications from those people and things that distract my focus.

And that tells me that I should be careful with my actions on social Media. It further tells me that the internet never forgets… And that I must not forget this as I engage with Social Media (Facebook). I leave the trails of me behind with comments I make on other peoples posts, and the conversational lines I uphold.

And really, that is what it is too… Social Media! Social Beauties! Social publicity! Social ostentatious lifestyle. Social craze! Social madness. Social celebrities. Social menace. Social wonder. social knowledge. Social control. Social intellectuals. Social low lives. Social life.

Hahaha! I wonder what those words mean… But one thing is true as I reflect:

Social Media is where you socialize and mingle… And then turn around to embrace your own realities.

Peace and Love!

Copyright © 2017 by Simpledimple.  All rights reserved.

4 thoughts on “Morning Thoughts…!

  1. Very good post! Thank you ❤ It really made me think. I do my best to spread peace and love and forgiveness on Facebook, and to connect in community. Anyway it's really good to be aware, so THANK YOU. So lovely to reconnect with you!! Great blog. Blessings, Debbie ps – I really like how you sign your posts with Peace and Love! 🙂 🙂

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