Today’s Foodies!


*Plantain Pottage (Porridge)*

On the plate in the above picture is Plantain pottage, my today’s dinner.  I used the unripe plantain for this dish because I prefer it when I am not using yam.  This dish is mostly cooked with palm-oil (made from the palm nuts). Continue reading

The Daily Prompt – Lifestyle!

Every day, the Okafors’ gather together at the small space in their parlour. This is a daily routine in their home. They never fail to observe this ritual every morning. As soon as Mama Chidi wakes up in the morning, all thanks to the wake-up alert from the Alarm Clock, which interrupts her deep sleep, she rushes to the bathroom to ease her heavy bladder. She does this every morning before proceeding to wake up her four children. Continue reading