The Daily Prompt – None!

I am tired of your furious rage

Your words that cuts me down, killing me slowly

I am weary of this toxicity

Verbal blows that mutilates my dwindling strength

Thunderous echoes that emits venom

Every hurling crumbles me to shards

Every word splatters speckles all over me


I am tired of this wicked manipulations

This sickening fury

That depletes me to nothingness

Incisions that deface my smile

Slits from your evil smothering

That reduces you into a monster


I have endured all these anguish

Now, I thirst for Freedom

To break this choking manacle

No more of your inscribed violence

No more of your wicked torture

None of these vehemence will caress me again


‘Cos I am tired of the loud echoes

Of your voice through the dark night long after sundown

I am tired of fighting hard for my breath

Enough of your filthy fist upon my brow

Blows that sends me strangling to the ground

My serenity stands at the door step

I must walk away


Submitted for the Daily Prompt – None!

Peace and Love!

Copyright © 2017 by Simpledimple.  All rights reserved.


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