The Daily Prompt – Yarn!

I am just not good at yarning with threads or sewing of any kind. But I do like a well knitted sweater or a beautiful embroidery and well sewn attire.

However, if you ask me to yarn you a story, hmmn, just be ready to laugh and forget your problems for a moment, that is, if you have any problems at all.

Yes, I’d yarn and spin your head round and round until my story elicit a roaring laughter from you. And if you are quite stingy at laughing or if nothing amuses you or if it’s difficult to make you laugh, I still know that at least you must emit a giggle, a chuckle, a smile from my hilarious yarn.

Don’t tell me to spin you a yarn. Please, don’t ‘cos if you dare me, be ready for my stories. Don’t dare me because I’ve got that time to engage you with my tales and keep you riveted for hours. No, I am not a chatterbox but I have loads of adventures and folklores and stories and rumours that I’d play out for you.

Well, maybe someday we’d go on a story telling date, on a long walk at a beautiful park, or find a quiet place at the beach to relax and sprawl out while I yarn you a good story.  I would entertain you with all the exciting tales of some of the interesting places I’ve travelled to and the wonderful people who have impacted on my life. Perhaps, I would yarn you on how I started out with this blogging experience and how I even overcame my self-doubt.

For now, I will spare you the details and hope you’ve enjoyed this brief narrative.

Yes, I am back with my usual fun post or isn’t that what this write-up is about?

Perhaps you have a more exciting tale to tell us. Please share it on the comment section. It’s your turn to yarn.

Thank you.

Submitted for the Daily Prompt – Yarn

Peace and Love!

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13 thoughts on “The Daily Prompt – Yarn!

    • Oh dear, Grandparents are known to be great ‘yarners’. They know all the historical, social and cultural constructs of their society and they revel in telling them. And they are experienced with exciting adventures. I guess your Grandpa meant well and has to protect his ‘own’ isn’t it? Haha! Thanks for this ‘yarn’. Lol. I appreciate it. 🙂


  1. Here is a short one from my grandfather:
    “Pete and Repeat went across the bridge. Pete came back. Who was left?”
    So I answered “Repeat”.
    So my grandfather said: “Pete and Repeat went across the bridge. Pete came back. Who was left?”

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  2. My Dad is 93 and he can certainly pin a yarn – at his 90th birthday his speech went for an hour ( and I had to stop him!) 😃🐻

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    • Hahaha! Yes, I had to give my yarn to brighten a sad face. Lol. Thank you for visiting my blog and showering me with so much love with your likes and cheery comments. Have a great week Dear Shiva. 🙂

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