The Twists and Turns of Life!

You do not get to choose the events that come your way nor the sorrows that interrupt your life. They will likely be a surprise to you, catching you off guard and unprepared. You may hold your head in your hands and lament your weak conditions and problems and ache severely from the trauma, and ponder what’s in for you in this world…!!! To suffer, to face tormenting situations – that is common to all. And not peculiar to you alone.

However, to suffer, to go through perilous times, to experience an overwhelming period of constant negative fluctuations and still keep your composure, your faith, and your smile intact is quite and awesomely remarkable. Pain is very painful. Pain bites with a deep pang and will likely change you more profoundly than success or good fortune. It is said that suffering, challenges and problems have a tendency to shape one’s perception of life. It changes one’s values and priorities, and even our goals and dreams.

Let’s take charge of our lives and believe that no condition is permanent. Let’s try to focus and affirm positively and trust God with sincere and unwavering faith. Let’s know that the bad times too will pass and God will give us a testimony. For times and periods are fleeting whether they be good or bad times.

Well, this post was inspired by the latest development in my family just this last Tuesday. My younger sister who got married two years ago was delivered of a baby boy… but sadly, she lost the baby after birth. And this morning I talked extensively with her on the phone and the above happened to be part of my talk-line with her. I felt to post it on my blog in case there is anyone today who is passing through same situation. Bad and good times are for everyone. Anything good or bad can happen to anyone. No one is exempted from these tormenting phases of life. But, note that our declarations and the words we affirm during these times are very important.

One thing my sister said before we hung up was – “Sis, thank you. I didn’t cry much or try to die because of this loss. It has happened. It’s quite saddening with the high expectations I had to cuddle my baby. But I am grateful to God for sparing my own life. I know I am more than a conqueror and will surely get pregnant again and have children that any parents would be proud of. It is my portion and no one can change or alter my destiny. Not even this first sad experience will sway me from trusting God. No, my faith is unwavering and I thank God for a husband that understands that sometimes in life, we have no control over certain experiences we pass through.”

I was happy she took it this way. I was happy she is looking at the future with a brighter hope. I was happy she understands that life is made of ebbs and flows, of twists and turns which might be mind boggling. It might be a very sad experience but we’ve got to learn to look ahead, hopeful again!

Peace and Love!

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6 thoughts on “The Twists and Turns of Life!

  1. We gain strength through adversity. My sincerest condolences to you and your sister. You will both come out of this stronger and more resilient, not despite the pain, but because of the pain. We lost a six month old grandson with birth defects that had him suffering every minute on this Earth. It was an extremely difficult time and will never be forgotten. But life goes on and we are strengthened by our suffering. Blessings to you, your sister, and your entire family.

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    • Thank you so much Sir Charles for your soothing words. What can I tell you now? Indeed, no one is exempted from the harsh realities of existence. So sorry to hear about your grandson. May the good Lord strengthen and console you all and give us all the strength to carry on despite the adversities of life. I appreciate your comment. Thank you.

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