Weekly Photo Challenge – Ambience!

According to WP, Jeffgolenski, “Ambience is the atmosphere of one’s surrounding environment. It basically boils down to how one’s surroundings impact the human senses and alter the feelings of an individual. Things like light, temperature, smell, sound, and sometimes taste, all work together to create ambience. The term ambience usually refers to a positive atmosphere that uplifts a person’s mood. As an example, one might say, “Wow, this place has real ambience!”

What have you photographed with exceptional ambience? Perhaps you’ve visited a spectacular garden, indulged in a candlelit dinner, experienced a roaring fireplace on a cold night, or enjoyed some laughter with friends in a wonderful place?

Here is my interpretation of ambience in this week’s challenge.


*One of my fav places to spend time during the summer*



*Such a beautiful place all year round*



*Even though it was cold and freezing, the sight of this white blanket looked heavenly and magical.  We were captivated by the glow seeing how the snow saturated the whole place and transformed the landscape into a beautiful scenery. What can be more beautiful to behold on a cold wintry evening?*


Indeed, ambience has the power to uplift one’s mood.

Submitted for the Weekly Photo Challenge – Ambience.

Peace and Love!

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