Devotional Nuggets – #55

I only took a break from this feature… Here are some things to meditate on today. 

Feelings often lie; and when we focus on how we feel instead of focusing on reality we get into trouble. For instance, when we make a mistake in one area, we tend to feel like we’re failures at all of life in general. That’s a misconception. Everyone is entitled to make mistakes, and you can fail in some areas without being a failure as a person.  Sadly, it’s a conception that is not true and a lie to keep one feeling low and depressed. It’s always better to get out of such bad feelings and psyche with positive affirmations.

Don’t listen to any negative thoughts. In due time God will restore everything you have lost. Take it from me, the restoration will be so beautiful that you will not remember what you lost. Just continue to keep hope alive and trust your faith and hope in God. He orders our every step. I wish I can scream this loudly to you. God indeed is our restoration.  If you need someone to talk to don’t hesitate ‘cos I am all ears. 🙂

And lastly, accept the things you cannot change and never give up. We must continue to smile through the struggles because things will get better. It can’t rain forever.

Have a blessed day everyone!

Peace and Love!

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