Nuggets For A Happy Life…

Do you desire for a happy life? Do you want to maintain a happy and feel good disposition most of the time? Having a good and happy life does not only mean having a lot of money and a good job… there are other factors that should be considered too to enable you have peace of mind. Keep reading and let me know what you think at the end. 

Some pointers that might help for a happy life.

  • The easiest way to a miserable life is to think everybody is talking about you. Learn to ignore and overlook many things if you truly want happiness in your life.
  • Never allow anyone to steal your joy from you.
  • Never worry yourself about what people say behind your back because it’s none of your business as long as you are true to yourself.
  • Sometimes, minding your own business does not keep people out of your business. No matter your situation in life people will always talk. You can never stop people from talking about you, what you can do is to stop giving them what to talk about.
  • There is a time limit for every rumor in life. Never allow freelance broadcasters put your life on hold. Do what makes you happy. Anyone who cannot feel your pain has no right to judge you in life. Majority of those who talk bad about you behind your back earnestly wish to be like you.
  • When people can’t be like you they try to bring you down and condemn what you have. Those without money will sarcastically say money is not everything in life. Is poverty anything? Do we glow in poverty? Please tell me!
  • Never allow anyone to put you in a position of depression and self pity in life. Those whose life has no joy will always find every means to remove happiness from other people’s life.
  • Enemies are inevitable if there’s the GRACE of GOD in your life. If no one has never gossiped or talked bad about you, it means nothing good has ever happened to you. Grace can turn an old friend to become a new enemy.
  • Never feel bad when old friends become new enemies. They are just tired of acting painfully like enemies as friends.
  • Never allow the opinions of people who didn’t see your tears stop your laughter in life. You don’t owe anybody an explanation to be happy.

And there are more nuggets on this thread. 

Kindly keep a date with me tomorrow for the rest pointers. Thank you.

Peace and Love!

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14 thoughts on “Nuggets For A Happy Life…

  1. All good tips! Fact is … its very difficult to keep it all in consideration, human nature is in our genes … its one of our most unnatural aspects ( not the right word, definitely not the one I was looking for but near enough ) to oppress human born instincts, its very very hard, like you intend to project ( I think! ) it is important we try! Thinking positive … not negative helps, is that Karma? I strongly believe … Do good and forget … do bad and remember! To err is human, to forgive divine. Nice post.

    Liked by 1 person

    • You are so on point. It’s not all realistic but then there should be a moderation in how we allow some of these tendencies to cripple our minds and peace. As we are reminded about these human nature and their negative influences, we tend to heal faster (in our various realities) and worry less. I’ve enjoyed your perspective. Keep it coming and thanks so much, my friend. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • Its great to exchange … wisdom or knowledge? Discussing with you is a pleasure. Thanks for your feedback. Your Karma is positive and transcending! Keep up the good work. 😉

        Liked by 1 person

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