Is This True…?

Does your birth month reflect who you are? Is there a truth in what is displayed here?

Let’s play this together. πŸ™‚


I know this does not contain the entirety of one’s attributes.

Well, my birth month is September and this is quite absolute and true.Β 

Do you agree with yours?

Peace and Love!!!

36 thoughts on “Is This True…?

  1. October….

    Chat yes…. Lies sometimes but rarely…… We are all friends just that we seem to be strangers because we don’t talk to many but I do talk to each and every one so yes friends lots….. Therefore hurt many times recovers at average speed…. Sexiest because I am just me, passionate.

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  3. I didn’t really want this to work….but it does πŸ˜ πŸ˜‚
    My birthday is May, so is my husband’s and one of my daughters, eek! One son January – pretty close, one sone February – yep, apart from the bit about ‘doesn’t show it’ (anger), other two daughters August and September. In short, this pretty much nails my family 😳

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    • Oh yeah, haha… so these natural realities are somehow true about a people. I am September too and this nailed it. It’s actually interesting to see ones character trait clearly emphasised and to know that others who share same dates agree to these sentiments too. Hmmmn… !! Have a blissful day. Xx

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  4. Great post, makes us question.

    I stopped believing in these kind of things a good few years ago, and I am so glad I did. I find these thing incorrectly influence us, and sometimes when we read these things when we are not in the best of place, they influence in a very negative way.

    Make your life and if it matches one of these things – it is just a coincident – for me it is no sign , or kismet or meant to be.

    So – sorry I dont believe this stuff. But , OMG i did , I really did, but when I stopped – OMG I am free to create my life and not influenced by this.

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    • Haha. Dear Bella, believing in this is one thing and knowing the character traits is another. For me it’s not a case of believing in these stuffs. I don’t but do agree that they quite depict the character traits almost accurately and in some cases very factual. I can’t dwell on these facts and allow them affect me in any way. Rather, I see a common feature amongst those I share same month or zodiac signs with and I accept it as a general characteristics of their persons. It’s interesting to realise these natural realities but certainly not to be influenced by them. I stumbled on the post and presented it here so I could see how others feel about it… and I’m glad to read your feedback and stance on it. It’s interesting to see divergent views and opinions. Hey, how are things going with you? Hope the workload is thinning out. Enjoy the season Dear. Xoxo

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