Is Love Magic…?

It is said that love is magic
But is love really magic?
Perhaps you could tell me
‘Cos I really don’t know

I know people are mesmerized by it
And they express it in profound ways
Beyond my comprehension
But what I do know
Is that I see love in his eyes
As he speaks to her slowly on the telephone
I see it in his eyes, jealous when she talks to another man
And I see love in her eyes as she waits patiently for his return
She becomes so alive with excitement
As she giggles at his every word
I see love in the tiny lovely sparks that glows in their eyes
As they snuggle under the stars in pure harmony
I see it in tired eyes as they stay awake at night
Searching for the traces of their loved ones
I see the thrills of love in the eyes of a mother
As she suckles her child
I see the whispers of love
In genuine friendships and relationships
Some of these feelings last forever
Some are only for a momentary phase
While some turn out to be mere infatuations
So I ask again
Is love magic?
I really don’t know
Perhaps you could tell me

Peace and Love!

Copyright © 2016 by Simpledimple.  All rights reserved.


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