Photo of the Day!


Everything sparkles in December because it’s Christmastime. There are glittering decorations everywhere and they are all so beautiful!!!

Christmas tree WP (2).jpg







I took these photos today after work with my Samsung edge + phone. Wow! You needed to see the shopping malls, filled to the brim with people who were buying various items to gift to their loved ones for Christmas.

There is so much joy in the air. So much happiness and cheer on faces in anticipation of spending quality time with members of their families this Christmas.

How are you going to celebrate the Christmas?

Here’s wishing you an awesome celebration and a beautiful Yuletide season.

Peace and Love!

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22 thoughts on “Photo of the Day!

  1. Nice photos..! Beatyfull Christmass tree! … only one complaint! I dont see a sock with my name on it? ( 😉 )

    Great time of the year …
    And here in Darmstadt …. they warm up the Christmas market with burning stalls!

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    • Oh yes, I intend doing that. The Danes have a very unique Christmas culture…very traditional and interesting. From their beliefs to the traditional Christmas food and games. Watch out for the posts in a few days. Xx

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  2. What a nice post to get ‘into’ the Christmas spirit 😉

    I just finished a post about the 10 best Christmas gifts to give without murdering people in the stores. It’s really nice to read some other posts about it for inspiration.

    Keep up the good work 🙂


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