The Daily Prompt – Careful!

Growing up, we were bombarded with the need to be careful in every step we take in life so that we will turn out well. That was the best advice most parents gave to their children. I grew up to know that I must be careful in anything I choose to do. I must be careful with the people I allow into my life. The friends I make and those I choose to bring close and divulge my secrets to.  Be careful in everything!

These words of advice became a guiding mantra for me and it has helped shape my life. And I’d admit it has also helped me to stay out of trouble.

Therefore, life has taught me to be careful especially with the things I do with my time and the words I profess upon myself.  Being careful can put you out of trouble. There is every reason to be careful with the words we speak. Over time, I have learned to be careful with what I say to people. I watch my utterances when I am upset and try to caution myself not to use very harsh words out of anger. It has been proven that most things done during moments of anger can be regretted later. And decisions taken during extreme emotions or passion can be regrettable too.  But that is after the damage has been done. Harsh or toxic words hurt badly and leave a huge wound that might take a long time to heal.

Life has taught me to be careful and to tread with caution in the paths that I undertake in life.  To be careful before I judge other people.  I have learnt not to draw conclusions or form opinions too quickly about others based on their actions and attitudes. It is always good to know the reasons behind any act before judging.

And life has taught me that even though I must be careful, being too careful can turn bad sometimes. Yes, sometimes, in trying to be careful, we become a little careless when we fail to act upon a given opportunity. We lose in the end because we are just too careful scrutinizing everything instead of acting promptly.

“Be careful what you say and do around a writer; your words and actions may become material.” – D. Posey

In response to the Daily Prompt – Careful.

Peace and Love!

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22 thoughts on “The Daily Prompt – Careful!

  1. That quote at the end is so true. I’m thankful some of the people who crossed me in life don’t read what I write. Of course for some admitting that a story of mine could be based on them would be more embarrassing to them than me but there has been plenty of people from my past that have influenced my stories.

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  2. We could spend all our energy making sure we say the rights things, the the right things, and yet, never really live.

    Thank you for the reminder that while we must be responsible for our words & actions, that it is just as important to be open to opportunities.

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    • Being careful in life is good. Nonetheless, one should pay attention to opportunities and a little carefree attitude makes living more interesting else one will appear to be following a manuel. And indeed how careful can one be?

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