Weekly Photo Challenge – Nostalgia!

When I saw the prompt for the weekly photo challenge, only one thing rushed through my mind – Nostalgia for some home-food that I have greatly missed. Amongst these delicacies was the African Pear I had the opportunity to savour again after many years.

I love African Pear which is called Ube in my language. The botanical name for this Pear family is Dacryodes edulis.  The buttery African pear (Ube) is an evergreen fruit of African origin, from the Eastern part of Nigeria (Igboland). This pear family can be found in other African countries too, and is also known in some other parts of the world as bush-butter pear, butter fruit or African plum.

Ube is one of my favourite fruits which I enjoyed while growing up as a child. However, my sojourn in Europe dealt a huge blow to me by depriving me of a fruit I relished eating with so much delight. If I am to write my lifetime memoirs and the fruits that fascinates me, the African Pear ranks top.


*Ube, as it is displayed by the local farmers along the roadside for travellers to make quick purchases*

Well, recently, I had the pleasure to taste Ube again only because a friend of mine travelled back to my homeland. My solemn request to her was to return with a good quantity of Ube among other home delicacies. Therefore, I was more than happy when on one summer afternoon, I received a photo on my WhatsApp from my dear friend.

On checking out this photo, I was surprised, well not really surprised… I was pleasantly pleased to see the photo of Ube (above) staring at me. I quickly scribbled a short message back that she should buy as much as she can carry back to Europe.

Nigerian Ube.jpg

*Ube is softened in hot water after a few minutes*

So, eventually, I enjoyed this lovable fruit once again, a tasty fruit that formed part of my growing up. It holds special memories for me as the Ube tree was seen everywhere in my hometown and we enjoyed plucking them as kids. It takes a few minutes to soften the African pear in hot water and pronto –  it is ready to eat.

I missed this distinctive fruit. But glad that I had the opportunity to savour it again. Ube is mostly enjoyed with roast or boiled corn (maize) and is rich in vitamins C and E, which are antioxidatives.

Submitted for the Weekly Photo Challenge – Nostalgia.

Peace and Love!

Copyright © 2016 by Simpledimple.  All rights reserved.

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