Memories For Tomorrow!

It was a sunny day in September
I sat amidst other beach lovers
Clad in my multi coloured bikini
As we enjoyed the serene coolness of the beach
The glow from the golden sun permeates the day
With a mass display of naked bodies wrapped up in tattoos
A blend of gorgeous mortals make mockery of their egos
Come let us swim! They bellowed one to another


The patterned rafters in colours of black, white and red
Caressed us as we sat in our summer flip flops
We listened to the whistling wind
And watched the roaring waves form hurdles in the sea
A blissful cosy day, I whispered to the gods
As we feasted on a variety of fruity fructose
Soaking the sun as we engaged in amusing chatter
Everyone seemed happy
By the comical sights painted at the beach
We perused one another as we picked pebbles and shells
Playing in the beach sand, giggling excitedly


One moment of harmony, one moment of merry
All because it’s the season of warmth
Glowing like the face of a beautiful friend
Come let’s slouch around and be lazy
Let’s sleep in the sun and share a drink
Come let’s hang out and enjoy the luxury of time
As we laugh at old stories and share gossips
For precious days fly past too fast
Precious moments are memories for tomorrow
Come let’s cherish today before it’s over again

Peace and Love.
Copyright © 2016 by Simpledimple. All rights reserved.

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