Searching For Love!


I have been searching all my life

For the perfect love

Love that is founded on trust

Belief and acceptance

Love that commits itself

Without any guarantees

Love that gives all

And expects nothing

There is no doubt

That when I have found that love

It would become one that I will live for

One that I will believe in

And together we would become like

One dance, one song, one movement

We would become the identical halves

Of a single person

We would wade through life

We would grow old together

And we would strive to build a home

A serene atmosphere that would be

A place of peace, of love and laughter

Staying always glued to each other

Because I have found you my soulmate

Because I have found you whom

I was born to love


Peace and Love!

Copyright ยฉ 2016 by Simpledimple. ย All rights reserved.


26 thoughts on “Searching For Love!

    • Awww… I am so touched by this. I say a big Amen to your prayers. May the Lord answer. Amen. Thank you so very much. May blessings peace and love reign supreme in your life. Happy Sunday to you Dearie. Xxx


    • Amen and Amen. I totally agree. Perfect and true love is pure bliss and so so healthy. I am happy to hear that you have enjoyed this kind of beautiful love experience. It’s great I believe. God continue to bless you with “the One” he has given you. More love to both of you. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. Love is a mistical and magical place … found within our hearts, minds and souls.
    Find love and you find peace.
    Lots are looking and searching … fewer actualy find it.
    At times you dont see the forest for all the trees!

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  2. Anazing piece. Very engaging and lucid and luminous. It has inspred me to write this piece:

    We all travel to search the mind
    And come back home to mind the grind
    Your eyes are comely and fiery
    Certainly far from weary
    Your heart may be fragile
    Your limbo may be agile
    The wait is done in a jiffy
    Love is coming with no iffy
    The searchlight on you is bright
    Be ready to take your flight

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