Reach Out to Folks Around You…

One of the hallmarks of being human is that there is a price to pay for living. That price is DEATH. Yeah, the ultimate reality is that death must come when it will come. Learning to absorb this reality that death is inevitable is very important. That way, you get prepared to receive such ‘bad’ news whenever it comes. It is always a big shock when such news is broken to us about loved ones or friends. It’s not only devastating, it crumbles ones world when loved family members depart. 

I have lost quite a number of loved ones, close friends and acquaintances. But the one that really shook my whole being was the death of my father. It was a crushing moment for me. I was depleted and deflated. My father’s demise left a big hollow in me. I was totally devastated but looking back now, time heal all wounds. I remember him now with the fondest memories of his life-time.

I tell you, everyone has lost someone dear and close to them. Everyone has been visited by the hands of death one way or the other. Life ceases and life ends. The scary part is that you never know when this will happen. You never know when that call will come. You never know with the unexpected hands of death. It’s really hard to grapple or think about.

When death strikes, we cry like babies refusing to be comforted. We cry so uncontrollably when we receive news of the demise of a loved one or even a friend. During such periods, we become hopeless and helpless. Other people rally round us with comforting words. But no matter the soothing words that they pour out to us, the tears never dry. No! Until the eyes get so weary that they shrink back into their sockets.

Now the crux of this post.

Why do we feel so pained on hearing the death of a loved family member, a friend, an acquaintance, a colleague etcetera?

I ask again, what was the relationship between you and the demised person?

When was the last time you spoke to that person?

Well, it so happened that death struck in a family I know recently. And everyone cried uncontrollably. One man cried profusely refusing to be comforted.  I eventually asked a question – When last did you communicate with the demised person?  He looked up and responded, well ‘over four years’. Then, I understood the reason for his tears. I knew the pain he felt was not just about the loss of the person, but of the times lost in transit.  The period they wasted without getting in touch.

Those times when you refuse to reach out to friends or family members and carry on like life is forever. Those times when you procrastinate to show love to people who matter in your life.  The man confessed that he was badly hurt because he had received a message from his friend some months back, but never had the time to reply. He said, he didn’t know his friend would die so soon. Well, no one knows the time or the day or date. And, thus, goes the unending excuses that we give to justify our inactions.

Today, take this reminder with you and remember that as we grow older, exigencies of life weigh us down. Life’s pursuit takes the better part of us, thus creating a void between us and those we love and cherish most. But no matter our tight schedules, no matter how preoccupied we might be, no matter how busy we get, take a moment to reach out to your friends and loved ones. Take the time to put a call across and ask after their wellbeing. What about your family members, cousins, nieces and nephews? You got my drift, right? You know what am trying to emphasize here, right?

Oh yes, you know the people to call. Not everyone!

Make concerted efforts to host closest friends and family members as often as you can. Visit them if need be for tomorrow has no guarantees or warranties. We cannot boast of the next breath so let’s be aware of that fact.  I tell you, the finances expended and the times spent with and on friends and family members have inestimable values. The moments are priceless!

Let’s try to live while we are still alive. Don’t wait to hear the death of someone before you begin to appreciate them. Don’t wait until you are about to lose something before you begin to treasure it. Life is sweet and it’s for the living.

Reach out to the folks around you as often as possible. Do not wait for them to call on you first. Be the first to effect a change in the status quo. Make that call today.

PS: I’ve shared this post before but the news of the death of an acquaintance yesterday evoked this piece again. And I dare say that we should try to live a good life and have a good persona (private and public) so that when we eventually take the inevitable bow, our good deeds will trail behind us with beautiful sentiments about the life we have lived.

Peace and Love!

Copyright © 2016 by Simpledimple.  All rights reserved.

11 thoughts on “Reach Out to Folks Around You…

  1. Thanks for this post and I’m very sorry for your loss, too. I am missing my beloved husband today, and I was with him when he died suddenly. I held his hand until the EMTs arrived. It was already too late. At least I was with him when he passed. Thank you God for that!


  2. Reaching out to people is what seems to be the difficult part nowadays…even with the advancements in technology, people forget to send reply, call back!That is really the sad part. Thank you so much for sharing the views, it was a nice read.

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    • You are so on point with this. So you noticed too? It’s really a case to address by many. There is need to get back to the people who make concerted efforts to interact with us and reach out while there is still time. Thanks a bunch. I’ve enjoyed reading your perspective. Blessings to you. 🙂

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