I Am Grateful Lord…

Years ago I was born into this world

Cradled in my mother’s arm

A suckling, blabbing and prancing

Many years has elapsed and I’m still standing

Smiling and striving to be a success story

I have travelled the road of hardship and challenges

With my tires punctured severally

And I have savoured the sweet tasty aroma of triumph and victories

With the mercies of God

Each day of my life is a huge testimony anew

I pursue my goals and dreams in my strides

Hoping and trusting that my best is yet to come

I am now older and I feel so blessed

‘Cos I am no longer the toddler of yesterday

I have grown and matured in wisdom and experience

Travelling the road of changes

To be the unassuming woman I am today

This can only be because

He gave me life

This can only be

By His special grace

I am so very thankful Lord

And I am so very grateful Lord

For the grace to shine today


Peace and Love!

Copyright © 2016 by Simpledimple. All rights reserved.



12 thoughts on “I Am Grateful Lord…

    • Thank you so very much my dear friend, Manu. A big Amen to this wonderful wish. 🙂 I had a really nice one and bless God for another year of life. And all the messages and comments I’ve been showered here are truly heartwarming. Hugs to you Dear. Xxx

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