Time is…

And we have each been allotted a time frame
A period of time to be the best that we can be
A time between birth and death
To grow and make an impact


Time is
That moment when you took your first breath
Your early days
Your adulthood and times in-between
The many sunrises and sunsets you’ve witnessed
Time is
That time, that space that you are unaware of
That time, that space that slips by
That time, that moment that ticks away gradually
Time is
Your daily routines
The food you allow into your body
The friends and company you associate with
Your dreams and aspirations
The adventures you undertake
The celebrations and ceremonies in your life
Time is
Chasing education
Chasing daily bread
Chasing money
Chasing dreams and goals
Time is
Starting a family
Building your career
Making an impact on lives
Or even
Chasing people who are not even looking at your direction
Wasting your energy and resources on insignificant matters
Busy globetrotting
Busy leaving a worthy legacy
Busy wasting away your life
Time is
The space you have to be yourself
The chances you are given
The opportunities that come your way
The mistakes you make
The lessons you learn
Time is
Growing into old age
With a new look of fine aging lines
With patches of grey hair
Appreciating your life as you age gracefully
Or regretting the many things you would have become
Time is the space between birth and death
Time is the life you lived
Unto death


Peace and Love!

Copyright © 2016 by Simpledimple.  All rights reserved.

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